Policies and Fees

Registration Fee

There is a one time $10 registration fee per student per school year.

Monthly Tuition

All classes expect technique and pre-pointe are considered a performing class and will have a performance fee due each session.

Each class will learn a dance to perform. The performance is optional.

1 Weekly Classes $55/per month
2 Weekly Classes $99/per month
3 Weekly Classes $143/per month
4 Weekly Classes $176/per month
5 Weekly Classes $209/per month
6 Weekly Classes $242/per month
$33 each additional class per month.

Note: Technique is the same price as a performing class. Pre-Pointe is a free class and only for students registered in technique, ballet and who have permission.  

Breakdown of Ferndale Dance Sessions

Ferndale Dance has two sessions per year.

Fall Session which runs September-November (3 months of classes)

Winter/Spring Session which runs January-May (5 months of classes)

Students must register for each session individually.

Each session has a weekend performance.

Fall Sessions performance is early December. (usually) 

Winter/Spring Sessions performance is mid May or early June. (usually)

Performance fee is due each session to cover dancer’s costume.

All classes perform except technique. There is no performance fee due for technique classes.

Performance Fee

Every school year we hold two dance performances . All students are welcomed and encourage to preform in our Fall Session and Winter/Spring Session performances. This fee includes a costume, the dress rehearsal, and a digital copy of the performances.

Fall Session $65 performance fee per performing class for Little and Pre classes. $75 performance fee per performing class for Level 1, 2, Teen, Int, Adv.

Winter/Spring Session $65 performance fee per performing class for Little and Pre classes. $75 performance fee per performing class for Level 1, 2, Teen, Int, Adv.

Payment Options

Credit/Debit: Pay online through the online registration platform.
We also offer an auto-payment option after registering and recommend this payment method.
Checks: Please make checks out to Ferndale Dance with dancers name in the memo and what the payment is for (e.g., Sept tuition, performance fee, registration fee)
Cash: Please place in envelope with amount, dancers first and last name, the date, and what the payment is for written on the envelope and placed in the money box at the studio.

Due Dates & Late Fees

Registration fee is due the first day of class.

Tuition is due the first week of the month.

Winter performance fees are due September 15th.

Spring performance fees are due January 15th.

$5 late fee for tuition paid after the 10th of the month.

$10 late fee for each Performance Fee paid after September 20th or January 20th. This late fee covers extra costs associated in having to order the costume separate.

Fall Session runs from September-November with a winter performance in December.

Spring Session runs from January-May with a spring performance in May/June

Any student with a balance of $125 or more at the time of the performance will be unable to perform.1

Dance Team

All dance team fees are 1x for the school year.

Uniform + Performance Fee $75

Dance Retreat $175

Weekly Rehearsals $250

$500 total for the year July-June Due August 1st 

Missed Classes & Early Drop Out

We do not pro-rate tuition for missed classes due to vacation, illnesses, holidays, snow days, etc. Dancers may take a make up class with their appropriate age group/level ability. To schedule a make up class please email Ferndale Dance.

Students that drop out early are responsible for paying the full months tuition. Must contact Ferndale Dance before tuition is due on the 1st if dropping out. Dropping out before the session ends will mean your dancer is not performing in our shows.

Holidays & Cancellations

There WILL be classes on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day & President’s Day and Veteran’s Day,

Ferndale Dance classes will NOT meet the following Holidays:

Halloween evening classes starting after 6pm. (classes that start before 6pm will still be happening) Dancers in evening classes are welcome to take a make up class. Halloween costumes are welcomed the week of Halloween.

Thanksgiving and the day before Thanksgiving. All classes Wednesday & Thursday will be cancelled. Spring Break. First week of April. 

Memorial Day. Dance Team will still have practice this day.

You will be notified for any other cancellations including snow.

Additional Fees

Parents, friends and family must purchase tickets to attend the performances. 

Volunteer opportunities available to receive free tickets. 

Yearly class pictures are taken by Jennifer Apps. Purchasing class photos is optional.